Life is more interesting through the lens of my Nikon D90.

I am Simone Rudder; SR Photography.

Having grown up in a very artistic family – art, music, dance; I veered more towards fine arts and photography at a young age. I am a graphic designer and creative consultant by profession and a photographer for the love of it (walking in my father’s footsteps) and balance to my life. Nature, people and situations in its most natural environment and candid ways interest me most.

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Visit; https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/simone-rudder where my photos are on sale as prints, framed photographs, wall art and transfered onto totes, cases and other trinkets.

SR PHOTOGRAPHY • port of spain • trinidad & tobago | 1 868 678 0766 | srp.d90@gmail.com www.behance.net/dpi98 | http://www.srphotography.net